The Textile in Monastir

917 units are operating in the textile and clothing industry, employing 57,700 people representing 86% of industrial employment in the region. The production of these enterprises is mainly oriented towards the countries of the European Union. These manufactures are located mainly around Ksar Hilal and Bembla; these cities covering 83% of industrial employment in the region.

The governorate of Monastir, which has become the region of the textile subcontracting par excellence, is one of the first regions of Tunisia where is found a largest number of foreign industrial companies specializing especially in the field of garment manufacturing
690 offshore companies operating in the region have a production which entirely for export, mainly to the EU countries. They currently employ about 52,500 persons. 

278 foreign industrial enterprises are located in the region, representing over 40% of all existing offshore units and created about 37,500 jobs, representing 67% of the total salaried workforce textile and clothing industries.